Get real about depolarised decision-making, inclusive leadership + curious compassion.

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One Priority

SIMPLIFY the things that matter so you can go directly to the heart of your divine purpose in each and every moment.


One Focus

ALLOW¬†the energy of now to direct your perspective so you can intuit¬†the everyday world through¬†Spirit’s eyes.

One Family

TRUST the divinity of our cosmic family so you can feel the harmony and interconnection already available.

One Moment

SURRENDER what you think you know about life, the universe and everything so you can be present as your divine identity.

Working With Melanie Is About Your Truth (Not Hers)

You are the connection between the atoms and the outside energies I cannot see. Your intuition is exciting, and I love walking into your space. I love the feeling knowing that you know something about me that I don’t know yet know, or that I am just learning or starting to feel about myself. You place the seed and wait for a response. Your eyes are mesmerising‚Ķ I wonder where they end, or actually begin. They are deep, the deepest of eyes I have seen.

I learn from you… difference, individuality, self love, self acceptance. This is your life. Your way. I am eternally grateful for all you have shown me and thank you for being in my life.

Samantha Hough

Interior Designer, Thalassa Designs

I went to Melanie thinking I needed some direction with a couple of books I’d like published. We sat on the floor like kids working on a school project. In a crazy whirlwind of words, colours and random conversation Melanie guided me to intuitively express my deepest desires for my books, my business and in effect my life! By connecting with Melanie¬†I was able to re-connect with myself and my higher life purpose… I highly recommend having some creative play time with Melanie.

Emma Hawkins

Founder, Head, Heart & Hand Holidays

… human angel, off-the-scale-IQ-being, intuitive, healer, and VOICE-in-waiting! Melanie and I connected recently through POETRY and hung out for a day afterwards as dazzling beings do, sharing all things cosmic, tuning one another’s frequencies, sharing resources and conveying activations while I sat for her (did I mention she’s also a talented artist?).
Oonagh Om Shanti

JazzPoeting Synchromystic Oneironaut, The Delight Makers

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Melanie Brockwell tweet me! @howtobemedicinefrom Melanie Brockwell Living Master Mentor

~ Founder & Fellow of Heart Alchemy ~

We are already awake.
And Heart Alchemists walk the talk.

Heart Alchemy is the only no exceptions, no polarities option around. Guaranteed!

Never again¬†will you¬†work on your dark side, your bad habits or your strengths and weaknesses. Heart Alchemy is squarely focused on your wholeness as sacred. Everything you are is perfect for your¬†purpose. Everything you feel is sacred. Everyone in your life is an invitation to acknowledge and accept your wholeness. That’s it!

Focus on what’s really going on: Spirit manifest.

Reality is an experience of bias. Do¬†you recognise Spirit in everything you encounter? Or are you focused on judging what’s going on as not good enough? Either way you’re making visible your truth, and Heart Alchemy allows you to honour your experience without ever needing to mould¬†you into someone else, or align you with anything higher¬†(because right now you are a fully-fledged Living Master whether you can see it or not).

Surrender the outcomes.

As you explore the Heart Alchemy process, one of the crucial truths you will discover is whether you surrender the outcomes or not. It is at this point that you make a conscious decision about self-acceptance. A decision that no-one can guide you through. This is the point where the safest place to be completely vulnerable is with someone who has no attachment to the outcome or the process. This is the point where you turn to a Human Angel.

Divined in the moment for Living Masters across the globe.

Heart Alchemy is a new cosmology for those who trust that there is more going on than the universe of exchange can reveal. Divined as Living Wisdom, in a constant flow of surrender to the purpose of this moment, the new cosmology is available to anyone and everyone who feels directed by energy (rather than needing control over the energy of All That Is).

Already awake, interconnected and on purpose.

While the universe of exchange is true for those who are still becoming, the cosmology of Oneness is true for those already awake. Living Masters, Human Angels and others are conscious of this truth even if they cannot articulate it. If you feel compelled to explore the world as already awake, then chances are you too are a Heart Alchemist!


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The Day After

The Day After

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It’s Okay To Be Who I Am (unless it’s not)

It’s Okay To Be Who I Am (unless it’s not)

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