Is it our job to judge people, to try and make them into something we find more palatable? Or is it our job to be the compassion and understanding divinity allows us when we see through Spirit’s eyes?

It’s up to you. Or more accurately, it’s either¬†your truth or it’s not. Whatever answer your truth reveals¬†about¬†what your job is or is not, rest assured your Living Mastership is not in question. Not from a Heart Alchemy perspective at least.

Heart Alchemists believe we are all Living Masters not because we act like the Ascended Masters Buddha, Jesus or Kwan Shih Yin, but because we are Spirit manifest; and as such, whatever configuration of “self” we are, is divine whether our divinity is acknowledged, questioned or made untenable.

But perhaps we’re jumping the gun a little here. I mean, how often do we question how it is we come to the conclusions we come to about, well, everything in the first place? On what order of business do we hang our certainty that we know what’s really going on? In moments of exasperated accusation (believing the world is flawed or that we have been done wrong), these are the questions to be pondered. When our sense of what is going on boasts the flavour of regret and reprisal, these are the questions that liberate us from blame, shame and control. A liberation unsought and yet central to the surrender of a Heart Alchemist.

I think most Oneness proponents would agree that what a seeker longs most to comprehend is:

How to meet the moment as we are,
with an irrepressible trust that we are who we are for a reason,
and not to change, fix or heal what seems broken (in separation).

The prospect of meeting ‘what is’ as sacred without changing it, may seem unimaginable. Just as all unknown and unfamiliar prospects seem unimaginable until they are our present state. Being a parent is unimaginable. Living¬†in a new country is unimaginable. Having no more problems is unimaginable. And surrendering to our sovereignty as an equal and essential aspect is also unimaginable… until it is what is.

So where do you start?

Start by asking, “Does what I¬†want truly allow for acceptance? Or is there something else making itself visible as I¬†examine the truth I¬†live by?”

Remember, this is not a trick. No-one wants you to be an ideal, or feel bad for who you are. This is not about herding you toward some predetermined goal. Whatever you discover about yourself is worthwhile. It might take time and even a little conference to recognise the worth of what you reveal. This is no mind. Whatever it takes it what it takes. Just as who you are is a Living Master, regardless of what your truth reveals itself to be.

I realise it’s hard to believe. Fortunately it’s not my job to convince you that trust is worth the effort. That is something you decide for yourself. And since you¬†are¬†equally responsible for holding yourself to whatever that trust requires of you, it is also not my job to give you pause when you are tempted to replace¬†this story for one that better sates your sensibilities. It is my job to simply be. That’s it.

If what I do looks like guidance, then that’s what it looks like.¬†As a Heart Alchemist, ‘what it looks like’ is an invitation to surrender to the purpose of this moment as an equal and essential aspect of All That Is. I¬†can’t know¬†what those words mean to you. I can only know that they translate to my now experience. And when we work together, it’s your now experience that makes visible your Living Master Experience.

Should you be looking for someone to feel sorry for you, someone to save you from yourself or someone to tell you it will all be okay, there are many who would oblige you РI am not one of them. Similarly, if you seek answers, outcomes and promises of a better life, there are those ready and willing to sell you such comforts Рagain, I am not one of them.


Heart Alchemy may be many things to many people but it is not offered as a solution to your problem.

It is an alternative to the problem-solution paradigm, and it is already convinced that you are a gift, a Living master, and an equal and essential aspect of All That Is, whether you believe in your wholeness or not.

So, ask yourself:

“What is it I seek when I decide¬†there is something missing, something unsettled or something beckoning further intuitive-action? What is it I seek when I judge¬†other people as wanting? What is it I seek when I make myself wrong? What is it I seek when I wish life was different?”

Begin here, in this place of surrender where we reveal our stories. Let these stories be told uncensored. Trust that there is a process to follow, and that we will not abandon you to your confusion. In this circle, where the truth is a living thing, a thing we value for its insight above ideals, expectations and outcomes – your exploration is tantamount! Not your answers. Not your insight, but the very act of exploration in surrender is what makes visible our Living Mastership.

I Am So Privileged To Welcome You to Heart Alchemy!