You are a gift. Not when you are showing up as what other people need you to be, not when you are being what you ought to be or doing what makes it easier for people to love you… you are a gift just as you are.

Sometimes it feels like we compete for space when we come together. As if there’s not enough time and energy for everyone, and we panic when other people don’t see what we see, when other people don’t want what we want, or don’t behave in ways that seem rational or loving from our perspective. This is our truth being made visible. It’s not about other people, it’s an invitation to see through Spirit’s eyes.

It’s okay to be who you are, when you have permission to be. It’s not okay to be who you are, when you do not have permission to be. As a Heart Alchemist you accept who you are as sacred (even if you do not have permission to be) so what do you do now? How do you trust that not having permission to be is Spirit manifest? And how do you allow the energy of this experience to direct you when it’s so tempting to navigate this moment as a problem to solve?