Your Oracle

When I say, “love is the way we surrender to our own experience” I’m talking about the wholeness of each moment. And allowing ‘what is’, is a matter of being present to the divinity of all we encounter (not abiding violence or celebrating our suffering).

To surrender is almost the opposite of victimhood and non-participation. Surrender and love are about standing in this moment available to the mystery with an open heart, and truly confessing that we “know” nothing!

In order to experience the surrender of this moment, we let go of/forgive/allow the pre-conceptions that might tell us what to think-believe and instead make ourselves available to whatever needs to be revealed here-and-now.

Your Exploration

What is Love?
Put your hand over your heart,
breathe into the Spirit of All That Is, and
allow yourself to see-feel the essence of Love here-and-now.

If you feel to, shed a tear, let your bottom lip pout, and/or quiver with compassion.
It is not unusual to cry when we feel love.
It is not sadness but rather the memory of oneness that brings us to tears,
and allowing ourselves to feel this interconnection is glorious!

To feel love is where we might live from if we could remember that Love is not a Revolution…. but a surrender to wholeness.

Remember, we are all living masters; already awake, interconnected and on purpose!