Your Oracle

Have you ever looked for “similar” images on a search engine? It’s not easy for the algorithm to predict/decipher/intuit what it is about the image that you’re looking to replicate.

Is it the colour palette? The composition? The models? The meaning?

And so you get this random looking series of images that don’t have much to do with what you’re looking for. This can be frustrating if you’re on a deadline, but it can also be amazing. You might discover things you did not set out to find today, and start travelling in a completely different direction. Such is the beauty of synchronicity.

It tells us “this is incredible!” if only we are/will listen(ing). Even our frustration is on track when we allow for relativity – we’re only rushing for a deadline if we’re rushing for a deadline. The possibility exists for “this” to be something else, if the possibility exists. Only you know!

Your Exploration

What do you Hear?
How do you hear what you hear?
Is it possible to be available to everything that is involved
in how we have the experiences that we have?

Not just our story about the senses “receiving”,
but including the wholeness of All That Is.
Allow yourself to explore the nature of hearing itself.
Sit with this moment and your unknown.

What happens for you when you no longer have an answer to the questions, “what do you hear?” “how do you hear?”

Remember, we are all living masters; already awake, interconnected and on purpose!