The Day After

by | Feb 11, 2016

What happens on the day you make a commitment or have a realisation, is no longer firing your pistons the day after. The day after is Day One of being a new you alongside all the things you thought you were two days ago.

On this first day, you meet yourself as you have been and decide what to do with who you see. At this point, you may not be aware that ‘who you see’ is not necessarily who you were. All this self-acceptance is new to new. You’re probably still operating according to that old self-improvement script, so the fact that everything you feel-see-do on Day One is an invitation, has not occurred to you yet… because it’s this Day One Experience that invites you to recognise such things as the way invitation works. And until you see that for yourself, there is no teaching you how to deconstruct your reality as a conversation.

It’s only as confusing as you need it to be. Only as frustrating as it’s meant to be. And it takes as long as it takes. Remember, there is no plateau of enlightenment in Oneness. We don’t have realisations and then walk around “knowing”. Surrender is a verb and we do it in every moment, in every room, invert relationship and every role that we play.


There is no end point, just as there is no beginning. There is no high point, no nadir and no outcome. We are all equal and essential aspects of All That Is, if we are not something else. Only you can know. Only you can decide and take responsibility for your story about ‘what is’.